Deep Relaxation Meditation

The deep relaxation meditation technique allows us to release tension we hold everyday in our body.  As we carry this tension around with us all day, it starts to weigh on us, and this meditation can help you to release the tension and relax into your mind.

First find a comfortable spot, whether that is sitting in a chair, on a cushion, or laying on your bed.  In addition to being in a comfortable position, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing, nothing tight that will distract your mind as you focus.  Take the weight of your body and shift it until you feel like you are in a position that you can relax in.

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the top of your head.  Feel the tension you hold in your jaw, behind your eyes and in your mouth or teeth.  Focus on these spots one at a time and gently tense these areas.  Take in a deep breathe and then relax the tension from your face.  It may help to move your jaw back and forth or allow your eyes to drift from one side to the other.  Move down your body to your neck.  Focus on tensing the neck and moving it, followed by a deep breathe and relaxing that area.  Now on to your shoulders, followed by the arms and hands.  Flex your fingers allowing your mind to tense and relax.  Move to your abdomen and chest.  Then on to your lower abdomen.  Next move to your hips, remembering to tense the area and then release that tension in a deep breath.  Go to your thighs, knees, calf, feet and toes.

Be aware of your body as you move along and release tension.  Are you smiling?  Do you feel additional tension popping up in an area that you already released?  If so, just take a moment to go back and re-release that area.  Keep doing this until you feel the tension melt away.  Some areas may take some time and are not as easy as one-breath release.

In this space once you have gone through your body, sit and take a few minutes simply to enjoy the feeling.  Be aware of your body in this relaxed state and how wonderful it feels.

When you are ready to come out of this meditation, begin to move your fingers and toes.  Slowly open your eyes and become aware of the room around you.

This meditation is wonderful on days when your are busy and stressed.

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