The Importance of Savasana

If you are practicing yoga, then you are probably familiar with the savasana pose.  It is seemingly the easiest yoga pose, as you are simply lying on your back in stillness.  The position is deceiving however, because savasana is actually one of the most important poses in yoga.  You may ask: “if it’s so important then why is it then that so many people get up mid-savasana and leave the class?”  I can only answer by saying that those who leave early do not know the power and importance of savasana.  And, they are truly missing out!

Savasana is done at the end of the yoga flow.  Often teachers turn out the lights while everyone is to lay still and be in the moment.  Savasana is actually providing us balance to our yoga routine.  We spend 60 minutes going in and out of poses and now is the time to allow the body to rest and reflect on what it just accomplished.  Your muscles are tired and you have had a great workout, and now is the time to be still and give your mind stillness.  Remember that just as you need periods of workout, sweat, and intensity; your body must balance with calmness, and savasana provides that calm.

As you lay in savasana, scan your body for areas of tension that you can slowly release and allow you to go deeper.  Slowly breathe, taking in all that you have accomplished today and attempt to clear your mind.  Of course, this can be a feat in itself, but give it a go.  And next time you are in yoga, don’t get up and leave.  Take time out of your busy life to connect with yourself, give yourself some stillness before you return to your hectic day.


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