Going That Way With Ho’Oponopono

Find out the way that Divine is going, and go that way.  Seems simple but it’s actually quite difficult.

When things don’t go our way, we usually get frustrated or angry.  We want a certain outcome in a situation and we feel powerless when things don’t happen that way for us.

It’s time then for you to step back and realize you are allowing your past memories, past experiences, to shape what this moment should be, and when that vision doesn’t match up, we suffer.

Traditional Ho’oponopono practice tells us that we should be coming at all situations at a void state, meaning not influenced by our past memories.  Clear the memories and allow the Divine to inspire you to a better path.  Allowing those past memories to shape our future holds us down.

How do you clear those past memories?  Simple.  Imagine the situation in your mind.  Start repeating to yourself these 4 phrases that are bolded.  Longer descriptions to help you understand the process are written with them.

  1. Please forgive me– God/Divine, please forgive me, as my past memories and past programming are causing this to happen, please forgive me and clear this.
  2. I’m sorry– I’m sorry and I take 100% responsibility for creating this programming.
  3. I love you– I love you unconditionally and want to live my life within your inspiration.
  4. Thank you–  Thank you for loving me and allowing me to grow and learn from this situation.

You do not necessarily have to be saying this to a person/event, you can just be saying it in general or to the Divine.  I love you is the most important part of this practice and when you repeat I love you over and over you are opening yourself up to clearing the past and making way for future inspiration.

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