Memory And Imagination

We have only the present moment.  Anything else is our mind playing back a memory of a past event or our imagination thinking of a future possibility.  Why do we allow these thoughts to control us?

Our ego/pain body thrives on negativity. Start to sit behind your ego in your pure awareness and witness the hold it has on your thoughts. Once you make the distinction that you are in fact NOT your thoughts, you are the awareness that notices your thoughts, then you are on your way to enlightenment my friend.

Sometimes I sit back and watch my body react to a situation. For instance I recently made a very embarrassing mistake at work. My body immediately began to flood with stress hormones, I could feel my face turn red, my thoughts explode into judgments and what-ifs. This time instead of feeding that pain and suffering I started to clear my thoughts by using the hooponopono method of repeating “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you” until I began to calm down. It took about 3 minutes of continuous repeating until I was calm and could apologize for my mistake. And then guess what- it was all just fine!

Use this method for any time you feel overwhelmed. I hope it helps you.

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