Growth Can Sometimes Be Painful

I know you have heard the phrase ‘no pain no gain.’ I am not that big of a fan of that phrase because I feel like there is plenty to be gained without pain.

However, it should be noted that pain whether physical or emotional, can be a catalyst for growth and spiritual elevation.

You see, when everything is going perfect in our life, especially our health and our mental state, we are rolling along not paying much attention. It’s when we get stopped in our tracks, something happens, that we wake up to the present moment. Like all of a sudden your car stops moving and you see that there are trees and houses all around you that were once invisible blurs passing by.

Pain has a similar effect. Suddenly you are back in this moment feeling every excruciating moment, feeling everything vividly and wishing you were lost in a blur again.

If it hadn’t been for my physical pain and anxiety, I would have never turned to qi gong, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, etc, and I would still be living in the blurred state just rolling along doing the things that we do everyday.

That’s the state that most people live in. Go to work, pick up kids, make dinner, bath, bed, wake up and start over. They are just getting by without fully living in the present moment.

So if you are going through something right now, physical or mental, maybe you can also use this as a catalyst for growth. To find yourself.

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