Let Go Of The Past

Something that was brought to my attention today during my acupuncture appointment. We all have past programming that hooks into us, connections to a way of thinking similar to how a computer has software.

It can be very outdated software/thoughts for instance my personal hook is “I’m not good enough.” I have had this thought for as long as I can remember. I was probably my kids age or younger when that programming settled into me. I’ve always thought how something needs to be different about me, what I have just isn’t enough to be complete and happy.

This outdated programming was passed down through generations and we all share similar programming. We have to remove the hook and upgrade our software to something better.

And so in that light, today I say that my stretch marks and surgery scars are ok and my body is perfect as it is. And I’m not going to speak mean words or think mean thoughts to it anymore. Do you have any programming that you are ready to release?

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