Organically Pitching Brands For Instagram

I want to hit on a topic that I think about a lot, and that is how to monetize your Instagram account or social media account by working with brands. There are a lot of influencers who are working full time just making posts and getting paid for it. If that sounds like your dream job then I want to give some advice on how to properly get there, without loosing your one shot you get with a brand.

Simply said— It’s all in the pitch.

If you have zero experience pitching companies, that’s OK, I have already created copy/paste emails plus a simple media kit for you to start out with.

It’s so tempting to use same email across multiple brands, but I’m here to tell you, that isn’t going to work. In fact, I dare say, you are wasting your time and energy (and one chance to work with a brand!) using that method.

Even with my crafted emails in the link, I have places where you have to insert information specific to the brand because you can’t get away with saying the same thing to two totally different companies. It’s important that you do research on a brand BEFORE you ever try to reach out to them! If you are pitching them with zero knowledge about their product then likely your email will end up with the thousands of other emails they get everyday (or worse–marked as spam–YIKES!).

Follow these steps to gather info around the brand you are pitching first. More detail with each step is below.
⫸Start by picking a brand that aligns with your style
⫸Visit their social media, what is their aesthetic?
⫸Ask yourself the important question- “Can I add value to their brand?”

If your answer is yes I can add value then it’s time to write a pitch that centers around how you can help them.

⫸Start by picking a brand that aligns with your style
Don’t just pitch any and every brand. You need to find ones that organically fit into your brand. For instance if you are a fashion blogger then pick a brand that has clothing that match your style. If you are a yoga instructor, pick a brand that has similar values as you. Align yourself with the right people so you will be more likely to attract the brands you want, but also your followers won’t feel like what you are posting is off brand.

⫸Visit their social media, what is their aesthetic?
Does their feed look similar to yours? Are they posting pictures that would make sense with your feed and vice versa? If so then you know you have picked the right brand for you.

⫸Ask yourself the important question- “Can I add value to their brand?”
This is important! You need to draft a pitch email that talks about what you can do for them, so can you add value to their brand. If you can’t add value then why would they want to work with you? Think about it from the companies perspective– would you like someone to find you, bring you on-brand content, and take all the work out of finding influencers yourself? Of course you do! Think about how you can help them.

Overall, find a way to pitch the brand that shows how you can add value to their company. Remember that the more this company aligns with you, the better, and the more likely they will want to work with you!
For my easy pitch draft emails and a media kit, go to my Etsy page.
You can find it by clicking here.

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