Lately we have noticed our son having difficulty adjusting to the new school year.

New teacher, new friends, new grade, harder work.

When things change in our life, we tend to play the blame game.  It’s not our fault that we are in our current situation, yes, but it’s important to realize that we control our own perspective.  We control whether we approach a negative situation with positive energy or negative energy.  If you are allowing your circumstances and the people around you to dictate your own happiness then you have lost the battle and are not in control.

Time to take a step back and re-consider.  Are you listening to that voice in your head that says “this isn’t fair”  or “it’s all their fault not mine”?  That voice talks a lot but doesn’t contribute anything useful to our lives.

Make a pro-active choice to approach your circumstances with a positive attitude and notice how things start to shift in your favor.


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